You can earn coins, boosters, and lives by collecting capsules during the Toy Pass event! You will earn capsules by winning levels. You need to collect a certain number of capsules to unlock each stage and get amazing rewards.
Each stage contains two types of rewards: free rewards and special rewards. Free rewards are available as you progress through the event. You can unlock special rewards and bonuses only by activating the Toy Pass.
The Toy Pass will grant you:
  • Access to special rewards in addition to the free rewards
  • Increase in maximum available lives from 5 to 8
  • Golden profile picture frame and username written in gold
  • Gift for your teammates
  • Access to the Grand Prize after you complete all the stages
  • You must be at least level 37 to participate
  • You can claim your rewards at any time after you unlock that stage
  • You can purchase one Toy Pass per event
  • Exclusive bonuses listed above will be valid until the event ends
  • The Toy Pass does not allow you to get the rewards all at once, you still need to unlock stages to get them