Teams can compete against other teams in the Team Race by collecting stars from the levels for a huge reward!

The teams with the top scores in the Team Race will receive the reward after it ends!
  • To compete in the Team Race, players must be in a team and at least level 24.
  • Teams must have at least 10 players to join a Team Race.
  • Each race group consists of 30 teams.
  • The team score is determined by the number of stars collected in the levels by each team member during the Team Race.
  • The top 5 teams will receive a reward. Prizes displayed on the race page are the total team prizes. These prizes will be divided by 50.
  • During the Team Race, the top three players who contributed the most to their team will receive a contribution reward.
  • Players cannot claim Team Race rewards when playing offline.
  • Players that are kicked from the team or leave the team will have their stars removed from the team score.
  • If players are kicked or leave a team during an ongoing Team Race, they will not be able to participate in that race, even if they join a new team afterward.
  • The stars collected in a Team Race will not carry over to the next Team Race. Each Team Race is separate.
  • To ensure a fun and fair gaming environment, you can collect a maximum of 30 stars in Team Race when playing offline.  
  • Participating in races with multiple accounts breaches the fair play policy and will result in a permanent ban.