You can compete against other players in the Star Tournament by collecting stars from the levels for amazing rewards!
During a Star Tournament, the stars you earn from completing levels will add to your score in the Star Tournament. The players with the top scores in the Star Tournament will receive the reward after it ends!
  • You must be level 36 to participate in the Star Tournament.
  • Each tournament group consists of 50 players who are on similar levels.
  • Your score is determined by the amount of stars you collect from the levels during the Star Tournament.
  • The stars that you collect in a Star Tournament will not carry over to the next Star Tournament. Each Star Tournament is separate.
Players on a Star Tournament group can also work together to receive rewards by collecting the required number of stars as a group. Once the star goal is reached for a step, players on the group can open the box on that step to receive rewards!
  • Players need to contribute at least 10 stars to the star goal in order to receive rewards.
  • Players who didn’t contribute at least 10 stars for the star goal will not receive any rewards even if the group achieves the star goal.