Boosters are items that help you complete levels in Toy Blast more easily!
Drill, Train, Vacuum, Bucket, and Paint Brush Boosters can be purchased with coins, or you can earn them from the Cube Party, Hoop Shot, Daily Bonus, and Rotor Party. You can find these items at the bottom of the level:
  • Drill: Pops one Cube or obstacle of your choice. (If the obstacle has multiple parts, such as Lego Bricks, the Drill will only break one part of the obstacle)
  • Train: Pops the row of the selected Cube.
  • Vacuum: Pops the column of the selected Cube.
  • Bucket: Clears all Cubes with the same color as the selected Cube.
  • Paintbrush: Changes the color of the selected Cube to the selected color.