Players on a team can work together to receive rewards from the Team Chest!

During a Team Chest event, the stars you earn from completing levels will also be added to your team's star goal. Once the star goal is reached, players on the team can open the Team Chest to receive rewards!
  • You need to be on a team to participate in the event.
  • It is only possible to open the Team Chest once during an event.
  • If you open a Team Chest and then switch teams, any new stars you collect will add to the team's star goal, but you will not receive a second Team Chest reward.
  • If you switch teams during the event, the stars you previously collected will not transfer to the new team.
  • If you switch to a team that has already opened their chest, you cannot open the chest to receive the reward.
  • If your team is unable to collect enough stars, the Team Chest cannot be opened.
  • If a player is kicked from a team, they will not be able to receive the Team Chest rewards even if they contributed to the team's star goal.
  • To claim a reward, players must contribute to the Team Chest goal by completing at least 1 level during the Team Chest.