Rescue Mission is a mini-game in which you are expected to save Bruno from various dangers within a limited time. You will be rewarded for saving Bruno if you accomplish the mission.
  • Each Rescue Mission contains a set of items that you need to collect to save Bruno.
  • Progress bar shows how many required items you need to collect before time runs out.
  • You can’t form special items (rocket, bomb or disco ball) or use your boosters (hammer, boxing glove, anvil or dice) in Rescue Missions.
  • If you fail a mission, you can start over multiple times. The reward of a mission doesn’t change when you replay it.
  • If you decide to skip, you will miss your opportunity to play that particular mission but don’t worry, you will receive further mini-games as you continue to progress through the main levels.
  • You don’t lose any lives when you fail a Rescue Mission
  • Beating a Rescue Mission provides no progress in events or challenges
  • Result of a Rescue Mission doesn’t affect your Crown Rush stage