Magic Hats is a time-limited event in which you can get amazing rewards by just picking hats!
  • Each stage has four hats: three contain amazing rewards, while one hides the bunny
  • You lose all your rewards if you find the bunny, but you can continue the game by paying the bunny
  • You can collect your rewards and end the game at any time, but you will be starting over if you want to play again
  • The farther you progress in the event, the bigger the rewards
  • Your rewards accumulate as you progress through the event
  • You get the grand prize if you beat all the stages
  • You must be at least level 40 to participate
  • You can play Magic Hats for free once in each event, however, the next entries cost coins
  • It is not possible to exit the game and continue playing later
  • The possibility of finding the bunny is constant and 25% at each stage except the first stage (there is no bunny at the first stage)