Daily Challenges let you complete goals to earn rewards every day. These challenges change each day and you can see the goal on the right side of the Home menu. To collect your reward, you should finish the specified goal before the challenge ends. You must pass the level to be able to collect the goal. If you fail the level, the collected goals will not count for your daily challenge.

Pre-level boosters and Crown Rush boosters do not count towards the challenges.

Rocket Challenge: Create a specified number of rockets.
Bomb Challenge: Create a specified number of bombs.
Disco Challenge: Create a specified number of disco balls.
Combo Challenge: Create a specified number of disco balls + disco balls combos and use them. If you don't use the combos after creating them, they will not be counted even if you pass the level.
First Try Challenge: Pass a specified number of levels on your first attempt.
3-Star Challenge: Earn 3 stars when completing a specified number of levels.
Moves Challenge: Collect a specified number of remaining moves. In order to collect moves for the event, each player will need to complete a level with remaining moves at the end. Each remaining move will be added to your total moves collected.
  • All players must pass the level to make progress in the daily event.
  • Once you complete the challenge, the event will be removed from the Home menu.
  • If you cannot finish the Daily Challenge within the day, you will see the new challenge appear on the Home menu.