Abusive communication is not tolerated in Toon Blast. Please be respectful in your team chat or any other social communication channels. Team names, team descriptions, and nicknames are considered as communication channels.

List of abusive communication includes, but not limited to, following;

· Offensive language
· Sexually explicit language
· Hate speech, racism and any other discriminatory language
· Asking for/sharing personal information
· Using chat for advertising, spamming and scamming

These activities will result in a chat restriction, they may even cause a permanent game ban.

Note that if someone wrote offensive comments on your Team chat, you could tap on the player's message in the Team Chat, and then tap on the "Report" button to report the player. You may also tap the "Block!" button to no longer see the player's messages or life requests in the Team Chat.

In addition to this, the Team Leader/Co-leader can kick a player from the team. This will also prevent the player from rejoining your team again!